Goals and Principles
Guarding the Egyptian National Security
Establishing balanced affairs and restoring Egypt's regional and international role
Attracting foreign investments to support the Egyptian Economy

New strategies in the scope of the Egyptian foreign policy launched last year New strategies in the scope of the Egyptian foreign policy for the next year
  • Reinforcing and regulating the communication with the Egyptians living abroad
  • Coordinating between the governmental institutions and the research centers
  • Establishing the Egyptian forum for Foreign Policy as the first official intellectual center to support the decision-making process of the Egyptian foreign policy
  • Empowering the role of joint businessmen councils
  • Participation of the non-governmental, political, and civil institutions in formulating and implementing the vision of the political leadership
  • Empowering the means of public diplomacy
  • Utilizing the sources of the Egyptian soft power
  • Achieving communication between the Egyptian citizens and the foreign policy institutions
  • Empowering the role of Al-Azhar and the Egyptian Church in the Egyptian Foreign policy

Foreign Affairs