The Farmer

52.5 Thousand small-scale farmers were exempted from their debts 2,793 of small-scale farmers benefited from the Upper-Egypt development project
Government Workers

1.9 Million Employee benefited from raising the minimum wage

1.2 Million Teachers benefited from the teachers' allowance

750 Thousand Executive benefited from developing the executive workers in the Ministry of Education and Al-Azhar

150 Thousand Members of teaching authorities benefited from improving the income of teaching authority members

58 Thousand mosque preacher and Imam benefited from improving their financial conditions
365 Days in Numbers Women and Children

48,9631 Women benefited from health insurance for the women breadwinners

13.2 Million child benefited from health insurance for preschool children

593 Thousand workers benefited from codifying work conditions

150 Thousand Workers benefited from supporting stumbling factories. 7,367 companies were founded.
Low-income citizens

1.2 Million citizen benefited from medical treatment service on the state's expense 90 Thousand families benefited from solving the problems of "ابني بيتك" project

27,663 Thousand citizens received residential units

1.5 Million families benefited from the social security pension s